Sigmund Freud

“I look forward to earning your trust, working together, and helping you accomplish your goals!”

Sigmund Freud was born in Austria. From a young age, he was an outstanding student. He spoke many languages and had many interests. At the age of 17, he began studying at the University of Vienna. He studied philosophy, physiology, and zoology under prestigious leaders in those fields. He received his medical degree with an emphasis in neurology.

It was through his combined interest in philosophy and biology that he began to develop the core theories that would later become the foundation of psychoanalysis. In particular, his beliefs in the unconscious began to develop thanks to his early interest in philosophy. Uniquely, this was enhanced by his study of literature. In other words, he gained extensive knowledge across many fields and combined all of those into a larger understanding of the human mind.

As a psychoanalyst, Freud serves as a blank slate for his patients. His skill set includes hypnosis, dream interpretation, and free association. He helps people bring their unconscious minds to their consciousness in order to find relief.